Hey Doc,

Shared cholesterol info with 50-year old son and the harm of statin drugs–he chose to go off statin and recent blood test shows over 500 cholesterol and triglycerides. He went back on statin. I had never heard of over 500. What can he do? He has a very poor diet to begin with and he’s working on that…I’m fearful for him.



Dear Sue,

A cholesterol level that high is unusual and almost always is inherited from one of the parents.

Do you know what his cholesterol was before he first started on a statin?

I would suggest that he has his thyroid checked since the thyroid controls cholesterol metabolism.

I certainly share your concern about statin drugs.

There are alternatives to using them, such as niacin.

Does he have a white ring around the colored part of his eye (the iris)?

In the meantime he does need to be on antioxidants to prevent his cholesterol from oxidizing.

The Doc