[I published this post one year ago in deference to October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since nothing has changed, I feel the message is important enough to bear repeating. The unfortunate situation is that all things pink, including ribbons, has come to symbolize a complete lack of interest in achieving a better approach to [...]

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Angelina Jolie: A Role Model for Breast Cancer Prevention?

It's bad enough that you have uninformed doctor's providing dangerous advice, but now we have celebrities encouraging women to make life-altering decisions and undergo mutilating surgeries. As the world now knows, Angelina Jolie has had 95% of both breasts removed to avoid getting breast cancer. It appears that she made this decision in all likelihood because [...]

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Hey Doc Series/ Breast Cancer Prevention

Hey Doc… I recently read a front page article which said that hormones for the menopause cause a definite increase in breast cancer.  My doctor has told me the benefits outweigh the risks.  Is this true?                                                                                                       -B.L. in Palm Springs- ----------------------------------------------------------- Dear B.L., The original Women’s Health Initiative study was published in 2002 and raised [...]

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Hey Doc Series/ Breast Cancer – What it Takes to Occur in the Body

Hey Doc… I am 48 years old and I have a history of breast cancer.  I am having symptoms of early menopause.  My doctors say that I can never go on hormones.  Is this true? -V.S. in Rancho Mirage- ----------------------------------------------------------- Dear V.S., One of the problems the health care industry in this country faces is [...]

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