Uncontrollable Rage: The Case of Elliot Rodger

Another mass killing that has people wondering, "How could this have happened?" There will of course be calls for stronger gun control laws. They will be sifting through the details of his troubled life looking for clues as to why he felt compelled to act out in such a violent way. They will be looking [...]

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The Over-active Bladder

It never ceases to amaze me that our medical system absolutely refuses to acknowledge that the most logical approach to treating a problem is to treat the cause of the problem. They have been promoting the use of using botulinum toxin ( Botox) to treat migraines, and now they are using it to treat women who [...]

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My Take on Newtown

I suspect that the final, definitive answer for the Newtown tragedy will not be forthcoming. The only person who might have provided some insight was the mother. Unfortunately, she was the first one who was killed. So what I will be proposing is pure conjecture, based not on fact, but on my understanding of what [...]

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“The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing” – a wellness manual for healthcare practitioners

As many of my readers understand, I would like to change healthcare in this country. In order to accomplish this, I feel that it is important that healthcare providers be given an alternative approach to how they practice medicine.  This blog is dedicated to those providers who are frustrated with the present system. The doctor [...]

Restless Leg Syndrome – revisited

Recently, a study was released indicating that people with RLS have a higher incidence of heart attacks. There was a correlation found especially in those who have had the condition for more than three years. Although the study did not go as far as figuring out the cause of this condition or the relationship to [...]

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Book review

A number of readers have asked if I could describe more details about my book. The following is a review written by an excellent compounding pharmacist associated with Reed's Pharmacy in Tuscon, Az. The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones                                                       Michael E. Platt, M.D. This book has it all! From menopause to andropause, children to adults, [...]

Anger – Can it be my hormones?

Mention the word “hormones” and it immediately conjures up the image of a woman who is out of sorts.  However, men and women have identical hormones and both sexes are prone to the same hormonal imbalances.  Imbalance of certain hormones can certainly lead to problems with anger issues. There are different types of anger.  What [...]

Adrenaline Series #3 – Bipolar Disorder

Understanding how the over-production of adrenaline can effect the body provides a clear insight into the condition referred to as ‘bipolar disorder’; the older term, ‘manic/depressive disorder, was perhaps more aptly named. People with this condition go from periods of extreme restlessness and/or hyperactivity to periods of extreme depression.  They often exhibit rapid speech in [...]