Hey Doc…

Help! I am a 55 year old woman without a prescription plan and am spending $850/mo on medications.  They include antidepressants, pain medications, etc.  I cannot afford this.  Are there supplements that can help me get off them?

-B.C. in Palm Springs-

Dear B.C.,

I recently saw a patient who was on 14 different medications, including insulin.  He was spending $1500/mo on these.  He is now off all his medications.

I am a wellness doctor.  A true wellness doctor should be able to eliminate most, if not all, medications his patient is taking.  This can be achieved by treating the underlying cause of the condition.

Please keep in mind that hormones control every system of our body.  Very often, just getting hormones back in balance with bio-identical hormones can be curative.  In most cases, supplements are the icing on the cake and enhance the action of the hormones.

For example, used correctly, progesterone can prevent every cancer caused by estrogen.  Vitamin D has been shown to prevent 26 different cancers, again, including those caused by estrogen.  100% of adults are low in vitamin D because they can no longer convert sunlight into vitamin D.  I recommend at least 10,000 units per day.  It prevents and treats osteoporosis, prevents the flu, and gets rid of colds.  It also helps to prevents dementia and heart disease.

Vitamin C is very important to the body.  We have lost the enzyme that helps produce it.  Man, fruit bats, and guinea pigs are the only mammals that no longer make it.  The supplement I provide is equivalent to 8000mg and it also provides 3000mg of lecithin which is used to produce neurotransmitters in the brain.

There are supplements that help eliminate the muscle pain of fibromyalgia, such as d-ribose, co Q 10, magnesium, and Fibro Boost.  There are supplements that help with inflammation, such as certain digestive enzymes, curcumin, quercetin, plus many other herbs.  There are supplements for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, diabetes, prostate problems, memory issues, fatigue, cravings, hot flashes, gastric reflux, digestive issues, etc.

In addition, there are supplements that are crucial for cardiac function, such as fish oil, co Q 10, d-ribose, carnitine, and phytosterols.  There are supplements to aid with weight loss and there are supplements to help prevent aging – N acetyl cysteine, lipoic acid, benfotiamine, resveratrol, plus others.

The bottom line is that you can most likely get off all your medications with all their inherent side effects and get on supplements and hormones at a fraction of the cost you are now paying.  Of course you will need to do this with the assistance of your doctor.

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