Does the Platt Pro cream have side effects?

—Deborah B  Brooklyn NY

Dear DB,

Progesterone cream stands alone as a substance that is able to manage the three most toxic hormones in the body, specifically estradiol, insulin, and adrenaline. In cream form, it is almost impossible to overdose with it, and it’s side effect profile is almost nonexistent.

But as with most things in life there is a ‘however’. This ‘however’ comes into play when a person has an undiagnosed presence of insulin resistance in the brain – AKA Type III diabetes. One of the positive factors of progesterone is that it helps people to manage insulin by preventing hypoglycemia after eating, between 3-4 pm when insulin normally peaks, and when people are in a car as a driver or passenger. Preventing hypoglycemia is a way of controlling excess adrenaline since the body always releases adrenaline to combat low sugar levels.

The problem is that if people already have some degree of insulin resistance in the brain and then use progesterone prior to eating, then the progesterone can completely shut off insulin from putting sugar into the brain cells. This will initiate a surge in adrenaline to compensate for the low sugars in the brain.It can cause palpitations, an increase in anger, sleepiness, and anxiety. This situation does not obviate the use of progesterone cream, it just means that it has to be used differently.

Thank you for your excellent question, the kind of question that should be asked before starting any drug.

Michael E. Platt, md