I’m a 62 year old male and my PSA is elevated at 7.5.  My doctor has referred me to an urologist to have a biopsy. What are your thoughts on this?
-M.T. in Indian Wells-

Dear M.T.,

The most common cause of an elevated PSA is BPH – a benign enlargement of the prostate. Other causes include inflammation of the prostate as well as an infection of the prostate.

Of most concern, of course, is cancer of the prostate. In this regard, there are some things to consider. Most men, if they live long enough will probably get prostate cancer. Statistically, however, only 7% of prostate cancers spread outside the prostate. This means that if left alone, 93% of the time a man would die with prostate cancer rather than from it.
When a biopsy is done it often entails 12 to 24 needle sticks into the prostate. I feel that it is a concern that if a cancer is present, it can get into the blood stream at the time of the biopsy and spread. A consideration is to have a free PSA done at the time of the PSA test. A free PSA result greater than 20% would go against the presence of cancer. A free PSA of less than 10% is suggestive of cancer; between 10% and 20% is the “grey area.”
Another consideration is what does one do if there is a cancer – total prostatectomy, radiation, pellets, cryotherapy, proton beam irradiation, etc.  Added to this list is another option called ‘watchful waiting’.  This latter option would involve utilizing natural means to keep the cancer from growing and spreading.

A natural approach to fighting cancer might include high dosages of vitamin D, high dosages of melatonin (40mg), iodine, graviola, ellagic acid, lycopene, etc.
Hormones, of course, play a major role with regard to prostate health.  Men with the highest level of testosterone have the lowest incidence of prostate cancer. In addition, because prostate cancer is caused by estrogen, making sure that you are protected by natural progesterone cream is important.For a more detailed discussion on prostate health you may refer to my book.

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