Hey Doc…

My 11 y/o son has trouble in school – he has trouble focusing and never opens a book.  He’s quick to anger at times and has trouble sleeping.  The school psychologist says he has ADHD and recommends he see a psychiatrist to get on medication.  Are drugs the only answer?

  -C.A. in Cathedral City- 


Dear C.A.,

ADHD is probably the most misunderstood condition there is.  It is commonly referred to as a ‘learning’ disorder; in actuality it is an ‘interest’ disorder.  ADHD is all about adrenaline – a hormone that can cause an increase in activity and it is a neurotransmitter that provides people with intelligence.  Decreasing adrenaline by a change of diet and getting hormones in balance by using bio-identical prescriptive progesterone cream can often alleviate and sometimes eliminate the symptoms of ADHD in 24 hours – without the use of drugs.

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