My libido is not what it used to be. I see all these ads on TV for Viagra, Cialis, etc Which one would you recommend?
-S.G in Palm Springs

Dear S.G.,
Actually, none of them. My approach to problems related to E.D. is to treat the underlying cause. The first thing is to eliminate drugs that may be causing it, such as anti-depressants, prostate medication, and certain anti-hypertensive’s (especially beta-blockers). There are natural alternatives for all the above medications.

If drugs are not interfering, the next area to look into is hormones. Starting at the age of 20, men’s level of testosterone drops every year. By the age of 50, there has been a significant decline. The best way of determining a deficiency is not by blood testing but by history – a lack of or a decrease in morning erections is strongly suggestive of a low testosterone level. The benefits of replacing testosterone include:

  1. Prevention of Alzheimer’s
  2. Prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis
  3. Prevention of cardiovascular mortality – almost 100% of men who have heart attacks have a low testosterone level
  4. Prevention of muscle loss
  5. Prevention of depression – men with low levels lose their joie d’vie
  6. prevention of loss of sexual performance

The best approach to replacing low levels is using a bio-identical cream from a compounding pharmacy. When using the cream, certain measures should be utilized to prevent testosterone from converting into estradiol, the cause of prostate cancer. These measures could include the use of aromatase inhibitors that prevent testosterone from converting into estradiol. Examples would be Chrysin, as well as zinc. The correct placement of the cream is important as well.