Autism: A Revolutionary Approach to Treatment

April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism Awareness Day is April 2, honored throughout the world.  In recognition of how important awareness of this condition is, I would like to share my own approach to treating children with autism. The incidence of autism is rising, and is now found in one out of every 68 childbirths. Logically, it has become increasingly [...]

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My Take on Newtown

I suspect that the final, definitive answer for the Newtown tragedy will not be forthcoming. The only person who might have provided some insight was the mother. Unfortunately, she was the first one who was killed. So what I will be proposing is pure conjecture, based not on fact, but on my understanding of what [...]

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Book review

A number of readers have asked if I could describe more details about my book. The following is a review written by an excellent compounding pharmacist associated with Reed's Pharmacy in Tuscon, Az. The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones                                                       Michael E. Platt, M.D. This book has it all! From menopause to andropause, children to adults, [...]

Adrenaline Series #6

Adrenaline and Vomiting I get nauseated a lot which prevents me from eating breakfast.  Any suggestions? -S.M. in Rancho Mirage-Dear S.M., Welcome to the world of too much adrenaline.  Adrenaline is a powerful hormone which can have significant effects on the GI tract such as IBS, and it can certainly cause nausea and vomiting. You [...]

Adrenaline Series #4

Adrenaline and Weight When it comes to adrenaline, the effect it has on weight may cause it to go in either direction.  This hormone can increase metabolism and give a person an increase in energy which can promote the burning of fat.  Children diagnosed with ADHD that are hyperactive are usually on the thin side.  [...]

Incontinence in Women

There are basically two types of incontinence in women, a condition manifested by unwanted leakage of urine. The 1st type is called stress incontinence.  It is found in women who have lost muscle control around the urethra, and, as a result, experience unwanted urine leakage under stress.  The most common factors creating this problem are [...]

Children and Hormones

Every system in the body, at every age, is controlled by hormones. So why is it that hormonal problems in children and teenagers are ignored? Of course, the same question can be asked about hormonal issues in adults. Part of the explanation lies in the fact that doctors are given relatively little knowledge about hormones [...]

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