Cortisol and Adrenaline Dominance

Hey Doc, Can progesterone cream be used throughout the female cycle if being used for adrenaline dominance issues? Also, does high cortisol as determined by a 4-pt saliva test indicate adrenaline dominance? -Julia _________________________________________________________________________ Dear Julia, Progesterone cream can be used throughout the female cycle in order to maximize its effect on managing adrenaline and [...]

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BC Pills Cause Tumor Growth?

Hey Doc, I am wondering if birth control can cause tumor growth. My 16-year-old niece had a schwannoma tumor removed two years ago. There was a small piece left connected to spine. they monitor it and no growth until recently. Found out she had started taking birth control pills and wondering if this could have [...]

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Eczema and Excess Adrenaline

Hey Doc, Dr.Platt, this article regarding the safety of progesterone in children is so helpful and came at an opportune time for me. I am using progesterone myself for adrenaline and estrogen dominance and it is helping. My son is 2 years old and has constant wakings throughout the night, refuses naps and eczema that [...]

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What To Do For High Cholesterol?

Hey Doc, Shared cholesterol info with 50-year old son and the harm of statin drugs–he chose to go off statin and recent blood test shows over 500 cholesterol and triglycerides. He went back on statin. I had never heard of over 500. What can he do? He has a very poor diet to begin with [...]

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Progesterone and Insulin Resistance

Hey Doc: So how do you use progesterone cream if you have insulin resistance? What do you do for insulin resistance? -Rebecca Dear Rebecca Insulin resistance is most commonly associated with type II diabetes. In this situation, a person's insulin has trouble getting sugar into cells resulting in elevated blood sugars. In this situation you [...]

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Hey Doc Series/Will Progesterone Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Hey Doc: I agree that progesterone cream would be safe and beneficial for my daughter. Two things: (1) Her hormones are beginning to move her toward puberty. Will using progesterone for her anxiety, anger, anxiousness, weight, adrenaline dominance etc have a negative effect on her budding menstrual cycle? (2) She has an extremely low tolerance [...]

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Hey Doc Series/Progesterone and Gout

Hi My husband is currently started Platt Pro, his sugar numbers are getting better, but he is having a flare up of his gout problem. Can this be connected to this cream? He has had problems with gout for years. Thank you, SHIRLEY Y Dear Ms. Shirley. Let me start off by saying that progesterone [...]

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