For 45 years, Carrie Fisher battled with various addictions. She died in December, 2016 and the results of her autopsy were revealed last Monday. Evidently, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy were found in her system giving a strong indication of the demons she was fighting.

Unfortunately, to me she represents a classic example of the failure of our medical system to deal with the causation of illness. The fact that she had a well-publicized bipolar disorder, and had repeated medical interventions and therapies, is a strong indication of the fact that whatever we are offering the Carrie Fisher’s of this world is not working… and they had 45 years to come up with something to help her!

She was on eleven pills a day used in treating her bipolar disorder. This is not unusual in the world of conventional medicine. It reminds me of a client that drove from Manitoba, Canada to see me in Palm Desert, California. She had been diagnosed as having a bipolar disorder as well, and had been tried on 43 different medications. In any event, I treated the underlying reason for her bipolar disorder, got her off all her medications, and she responded wonderfully. For the first time in ten years she was able to get a job and was able to socialize, etc. She went to see her doctor, who failed to recognize her because he had never seen her with makeup on her face. When it finally dawned on him who she was, he fired her as a patient and kicked her out of his office because he was enraged that she stopped all the drugs he put her on. He had zero interest in finding out why she was better.

My approach to treating people has been fairly straight forward – look for the cause of the problem. This simply represents an alternative approach and in no way does it have the intent of replacing conventional approaches. However, many people are aware of the concept of “doing what works”. If something is not working, try something else. In Carrie Fisher’s case, they used this concept to continuously add more drugs which eventually had disastrous consequences.

The reason for this blog post is simply to express my frustration about how our medical system often fails to realize that whatever we are doing is not working. How many more creative artists have to die before we wake up and admit that perhaps our conventional approach to these people is not working? Elvis Presley, Prince, Robin Williams, Janis Joplin, Philip Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on.

For those who might be interested, my book called “Adrenaline Dominance” carefully outlines a protocol that I have determined is another way of addressing addiction and bipolar disorders plus many other conditions…… by actually treating the underlying cause.