Hi, I am 66 years now, diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, I have NOT wanted surgery. There are two lumps, one estrogen sensitive, the other not. They have slowly grown double the sises, from 10 mm diameter to 20 mm diameter.

My oncologist very strongly is opposing progesterone, saying it will put them grow more. Could I still use this bioidentical cream, since I have panic attacks, anxiety and not sleeping well, meaning showing symptoms of excess adrenaline?

—Raya J., Montana

Dear Raya,

Your oncologist is mistaking natural, bio-identical progesterone with synthetic progestins that can cause breast cancer. Bio-identical progesterone causes apoptosis (death) of breast cancer cells. I would recommend that you do use progesterone cream mixed with about 10 drops of Iosol (liquid iodine) which also causes apoptosis,  and apply it directly to the lumps on your breast 2-3 times a day.

There are other supplements that you can use such as melatonin 20 mg which stimulates natural killer cells, vitamin D3 and vitamin K, green tea extract, and low dose naltrexone – all of which we can help you with.

With regard to excess adrenaline, the progesterone cream will certainly help with all your symptoms, but providing the right fuel for the brain is also necessary: green vegetables and coconut oil or MCT oil for sugar and ketone bodies respectively. In this regard, pureeing steamed asparagus will give you a double benefit of providing the right sugar for the brain as well as helping your body fight cancer.

Mchael E. Platt, md