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The Misdiagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue

It is very important when suffering from any condition that it in order to eliminate it you need to treat the cause of it. If you think about it, this statement makes a lot of sense.  As we speak, there are numerous books on the market that are dealing with a condition called adrenal fatigue. [...]

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Carrie Fisher – RIP

For 45 years, Carrie Fisher battled with various addictions. She died in December, 2016 and the results of her autopsy were revealed last Monday. Evidently, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy were found in her system giving a strong indication of the demons she was fighting. Unfortunately, to me she represents a classic example of the [...]

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Cortisol and Adrenaline Dominance

Hey Doc, Can progesterone cream be used throughout the female cycle if being used for adrenaline dominance issues? Also, does high cortisol as determined by a 4-pt saliva test indicate adrenaline dominance? -Julia _________________________________________________________________________ Dear Julia, Progesterone cream can be used throughout the female cycle in order to maximize its effect on managing adrenaline and [...]

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Hormone Therapy – The Do’s and Don’ts

Every system in the body is controlled by hormones. As we get older, hormone levels change…and so do we. Manipulating levels of certain hormones can provide a significant change to the quality of life. I would like to provide certain information that might help you wade through the morass of conflicting statements associated with advice [...]

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BC Pills Cause Tumor Growth?

Hey Doc, I am wondering if birth control can cause tumor growth. My 16-year-old niece had a schwannoma tumor removed two years ago. There was a small piece left connected to spine. they monitor it and no growth until recently. Found out she had started taking birth control pills and wondering if this could have [...]

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Treating Fibromyalgia

May 12th is fibromyalgia awareness day. Surprisingly, fibromyalgia is considered a condition that has no known cause, and a condition that is incurable. It most often comes under the auspices of rheumatologists, even though it is not an inflammatory condition. It is often felt to be an autoimmune disorder - it is not. The makers of [...]

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Eczema and Excess Adrenaline

Hey Doc, Dr.Platt, this article regarding the safety of progesterone in children is so helpful and came at an opportune time for me. I am using progesterone myself for adrenaline and estrogen dominance and it is helping. My son is 2 years old and has constant wakings throughout the night, refuses naps and eczema that [...]

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Autism: A Revolutionary Approach to Treatment

April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism Awareness Day is April 2, honored throughout the world.  In recognition of how important awareness of this condition is, I would like to share my own approach to treating children with autism. The incidence of autism is rising, and is now found in one out of every 68 childbirths. Logically, it has become increasingly [...]

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